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Yeah So. Bad News.

I know I don't use this for news, but it's importent and a LONG STORY. I broke the computer in the kitchen. The Computer in the kitchen (Yes, in the kitchen) is the home computer were everyone scans things. Mind you, this was by accident and have I learned my lesson...=w=;;
In any case, this does not mean I won't be posting. I just won't be posting any artwork since I don't like how most of them look with the cameras. Though I'll try digital imagines until it's fixed. Heck it might inspire me to make a new banner for here and smackjeeves.

BUT If you want to know what I did to the computer.

I was trying to upload pictures on it with an SD card from the camera. There's an open spot on the tower that is next to the SD card, if you haven't guessed I accidently put it in there instead of the SD card slot. Now, it did get stuck but that's not what screwed up the computer. I grabbed a pair of pliers Mister was using to sauter (Sautering And sautering is another name for soldering.) wires in some guys laptop for him.

Now, I tought about it before I stuck them in there, but I decided it would be fine. Big mistake. The section sparked and the monitor wasn't showing anything, but the tower looked and sounded like it was still running. I couldn't turn it off. I tried everything I could to try and fix it (Unplugging it, leaving it unplugged for a while, messing with the monitor, ect.)
Nothing worked. God I was scared I actually scared tearing up because i thought muma and Mister were going to kick my ass or something lol.

I don't think it's the harddrives, but in anycase the scanner is hooked up to that computer, aka no treditional drawings I haven't already scanned.

OH AND. If you were wondering, Mister is what I call my dad. It's a long story lol.

I promise to try and get things up soon as possible.

posted by Neki_Chan @ November 1st, 2011, 4:02 am  -  0 Comments

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