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Name: Neki Gender: Female Birthday:June 12th Cat Tyle: Snowshoe Cat Age: 15-16 Likes: friendly things, fish, sunny warm days, some of her powers, her brother(Tigger), and playing with friends. Dislikes: bullies, rain, rats, cars, ect. Being Born as a Cat spirit is not easy for a cat. Neki pretty much has a fear for everything. She is a wonderful friend and loyal to those that are nice. She's shy, but will try to warm up to a person/animal that wants to make friends. She is very close to her brother, because he raised her after they're parents left.
Tigger :Bio: by ~NTCS on deviantART Name: Tigger Gender: Male Birthday: March 30th Cat Type: Snowshoe Cat Age: 26 Likes: Girls, friends, food, His sister(Neki), sunny warm days, naps, acting goofy, ect. Dislikes: people/animals hurting his sister, cold days, sitting still. Tigger is a goofball of a brother. He's that awsome guy you wanna hang out with. He loves his sister, being the one that raised her. Tigger will hurt people that hurt his sister. He was the first to hear about their parents's death, after he took it upon himself to take care of Neki.
Ookami :Bio: by ~NTCS on deviantART Name: Ookami Gender: Female Birthday:(the day she died) April 4th Wolf Type:Mackenzie Tundra Wolf Age:(though it hasn't change) 18 Likes: Nearly everything. DisLikes: People that mistreat her friends. OoKami is a big loveable wolf with the heart as big as the earth. She makes up for her near retardedness with love and forgiveness. There isn't much Ookami hates, or understand for that matter, but she's always willing to be friends with anyone. She likes nearly all things, more things she thinks are edable. Feed her and she'll love you the rest of your life.
Black Jack :Bio: by ~NTCS on deviantART Name: Black Jack. Gender: Male Birthday: February 7th Cat Type: American Curl Cat Age: 18 Likes: Calm sunny days, flowers, looking at the sky and hanging out with his friends Dislikes: Others hating him for his "change", others hurting his friends, rain and cold,his "secret" getting out. (more will be discribe of him once he's introduced more.)
Ritz :Bio: by ~NTCS on deviantART ~Name: Ritz ~Gender: Male ~Birthday: October 4th ~Rat Type: Agouti ~Rat Age: 23 ~Likes: food, Ritz crackers, his big family, Jack, his attitude towards others. ~Dislikes: Nearly everything else. Ritz is a rat and a friend of Black Jack. He has been trying to get eatten since as long as he can remember. Ritz hates many things and is often very sarcastic and rude.
Garfeild :Bio: by ~NTCS on deviantART Name: Garfeild Gender: Male Birthday:(who cares??) December 18th Cat Type: Toyger Cat Age: 16 Likes:Pouncing, eatting, being stronger, mmating and Being Neki's billy. Dislikes: the oppiset of his Likes. Gerfeild is an all around jerk. He schemes and scams for the next prank. He's usaully seen with his long running mate Semone. Others follow him mostly because they think he's funny. He gains everyone's respect with his jokes and strength. Gerfeild enjoys food of many kinds.
Saldor :Bio: by ~NTCS on deviantART ,/div> Name: Saldor Gender: Male Birthday: n/a Cat Type: Russian Blue Cat Age: n/a Likes: n/a Dislikes: n/a Not much is known about Saldor except that he add saved Neki. He seems to like the dark more then the sun. even burns when he steps into it.
Marsadie :Bio: by ~NTCS on deviantART Name: Marsadie Gender: Male Birthday: November 11th Dog Type: Doberman Pinscher Dog Age: 18 Likes: Game of the hunt, fetch, getting his ears rubbed, cats(as food) and "games". DisLikes: when his "game" gets away, losing, being chained. Marsadie is one of the antagonists of the story. He seems a lot more melious and crafty then Garfeild and his gang. He's often seen in his back yard, waiting for his his fun to show up. If nothing seems to show, he slips out of his collar and goes on a stroll throught town.
Spike :Bio: by ~NTCS on deviantART Name: Spike Gender: Male Birthday:July 12th Cat Tyle: Calico Cat Age: 19 Likes: calm days, hunting, his leader, chasing. Dislikes: When he loses a game or his pride, when his plans fail. Spike, rightfully named after the diamond shape on his forhead, comes from a long line of pure breed calicos. He is third rank in the Nine Lives gang. There isn't much about him except that he seems to show no fear of anything and he seems to have honor that is very importent to him.
Spatter :Bio: by ~NTCS on deviantART Name: Spatter Gender: Male Birthday:June 12th Cat Tyle: Bombay Cat Age: 19 Likes: Chasing, hunting, playing, his leader, the gang, his collar, Spike. Dislikes: Lossing, not eatting, his handicaps, losing his collar, humans. Spatter is second of command in the Nine Lives Gang. He was raised by Spike's mother after his died in a horrible accident. Spike and Spatter are very close as though they were real siblings. Spike seeming to be the brain of the two. Spatter's handicaps were caused by an abusive home. He doesn't trust humans as far as he can throw them.

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